The Bailey lighthouse, as seen from the cliff path around Howth head.


Top 5 Free Activities

No need to spend a penny!


As everyone knows, despite the relatively small size, Dublin is one of the more expensive cities in Europe. However, this doesn't mean you can't experience the beautiful things it has to offer.


Howth offers an abundance of things to do and many of them doesn't require a single cent!



Here we have narrowed it down to the Top 5 Free Activities you can do in Howth:

1.) Cliff Walk:

Besides the out-of-this-world fish you can get at the restaurants in Howth, it is famous for is it's picturesque scenery that can be observed on the coastal Cliff Walk.

On the cliff walk, you will be able to see many of Howth's idyllic landmarks such as Lambay Island, Ireland's Eye, Howth Castle, The National Transport Museum, The Martello Tower and Baileys Lighthouse.

Along with these, you will be able to observe the wildlife that inhabit, especially the bird sanctuary on Ireland's Eye which boasts Guillemots, Razorbills, Fulmars, Puffins, Gulls and gannets.

Remember to keep an eye out as you may see grey seals diving for fish offshore (or if you're lucky enough, you may be able to catch a glimpse of porpoise in the distance!)



Be sure to click here to get directions of the Cliff Walk Loop!



2.) Visiting Historical sites: 

Howth trails a fascinating history behind it. Evidence is shown of it's great history throughout Howth with the ancient features that have been left behind.



On the grounds of the Howth Castle lies a collapsed dolmen known locally as Aideen's Grave. This Megalithic monument holds the second largest capstone weighing in at 75 tons.

Legend has that this is the burial place of Aideen, the wife of Oscar, the son of Oisín in Tír na nÓg. 

Oscar was the grandson of Fionn Mac Cumhaill, the last leader of the Fianna, and was the bravest of all the Fianna. It is said that Aideen died of heartache due to the death of her husband during the battle of Gabhra.




Ye Olde Hurdy Gurdy Museum of Vintage Radio is located in a Martello Tower overlooking Howth Harbour opposite the Abbey Tavern.

The museum first opened in 2003. The curator Pat Herbert was looking for a suitable place to display his vast collection of radios, gramophones and items of a similar use.

His enthusiasm for his collection is remarkable and it is definitely something worth visiting.

The name came from Seán Lemass (former Taoiseach) whilst visiting Radio Éireann referred to the radio service as "the old hurdy-gurdy"




At the end of the West Pier, often overlooked is where King George IV left his footprints in the granite when he visited Dublin on his 59th birthday.

George noted that he was greeted with the utmost enthusiasm by the inhabitants of Dublin when he visited.


3.) Ponder down the Pier:

Upon visiting Howth, a must do is a ponder down the pier.

The West Pier holds an amazing atmosphere coming from the bustling restaurants and shops that follow along it and if you get the weather it is beautiful beyond belief!

As you walk, you can see the fishermen at work mending the boats which is quite an interesting thing to watch.

Keep an eye in the harbour as you will see the seals that following the trawlers begging for fish (One of which has learnt to wave as he knows he will get more fish!)

At the end of the west pier you will be able to see King George IV's Footprints, the stunning lighthouse that stands proud and steps that take you up to see the breath-taking view of Irelands Eye.

                       Sunset on Shanes Howth Hikes



4.) Stroll on the strand

Howth offers an array of beaches to choose from for a peaceful stroll on the beach or a family day out, such as:

Claremont Beach is a small cove-like beach located near the DART station. It is a sandy beach that is perfect for a walk with the dog. (But remember to clean up after your pooch!)

Balscadden Bay is situated on the far side of the Howth Peninsula. It is a quiet enclosed beach often populated by swimmers and scubadivers.

Red Rock is a quiet, small, sheltered beach that is perfect in the hot weather.


5.) Swim in the Sea:

Lastly, nothing beats a good old fashioned swim in the sea.

Swimming in Irish sea is thrilling especially in the beautiful beaches that Howth has to offer. (such as the ones listed above).

When the sun is out and the temperature picks up, a swim in the sea is a perfect way to stay refreshed and have fun.



This concludes just some of the few free things to experience in Howth. We look forward to seeing you soon!