Aideen’s Grave Portal Tomb

Aideen was an important figure in Irish mythology, her grave is one of the oldest monuments in Ireland and is located in Deer Park in the grounds of Howth Castle.

This tomb is said to be the burial place of Aideen, the wife of Oscar, son of Oisin and grandson of the man himself Fionn McCumhaill. Oscar, the bravest of all the Fianna (ancient Irish warriors) slew three kings in his first battle. He died in the battle of Gabhra (near Meath) and it is said that Aideen died in grief for her loss.

Oisin is said to have buried Aideen in Howth and placd a cairn over her, this is a burial usually reserved for great warriors or kings. However, archaeologists put the tomb at 4,000 years old which does not match the dates when Aideen is reputed to have lived in about the third century.

We’ll let you decide but the locals will always consider it Aideen’s final resting place.