• Standup Paddleboarding (SUP)
  • Standup Paddleboarding (SUP)

Standup Paddleboarding (SUP)

Combine Surfing with Kayaking and you’ve got Standup Paddleboarding or SUP (Hoe he’e nalu in the Hawaiian Language) is an offshoot of surfing which originated in Hawaii in the 1960’s and is fast becoming a majorly popular activity to water sport enthusiasts and beginners alike.  The reason that so many people are drawn to this sport is that it is an amazing full body workout that improves your core strength, cardio, balance and flexibility with virtually no impact. It also give you the opportunity to get out on the water and enjoy nature, which is always good for the soul, making it hardly feel like exercise. This highly accessible sport allows people of all ages and fitness levels  to venture out and Discover Howths’ treasures on Ireland’s Eye Island or explore the fabulous coastal cliffs. Get up close and personal with the fabulous bird life and wildlife.

Unlike surfing, SUP doesn’t require surf to be enjoyed and calm water is best for learning.  The key to learning to SUP is not about strength but rather it is all about technique.  So Standup Paddleboarding Virgins should take a lessonFeelgood Scuba Activities situated at the end of the West Pier in Howth offers an intro to SUP that will show you how to correctly size and hold a paddle, proper paddling technique, basic turns on the board, how to stay safe in wind and waves and how to fall and remount your board.

Your first instinct when beginning paddling might be to focus on your arms.  Beginners may not realise that you will not last long by focusing on your arms rather than your core, but fear not the experts at Feelgood Activities are here to show you how.

For more information or to book your adventure visit our website here

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