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Aqua Restaurant

Howth is a bustling village with lots to see and do, take a stroll down the West Pier and watch the fisherman prepare for sea or return with their catch, there is always something going on..

The West Pier of Howth is renowned for our seal pals, they are naturally inquisitive creatures and like to hover around West Pier perhaps benefiting from generous fishermen.  Visitors and locals alike to Howth enjoy the characters of seals, the way they arch their heads to the sun, how they clap their flippers in what appears to be a dedicated wave just for you!

Once you have taken in all the activity of the West Pier, at the very end, you will find Aqua Restaurant, housed in the original Howth Yacht Club.  You will mount the stairs to a stunning dining room with floor to ceiling walls offering a breath-taking view over Howth Sound and mystical ireland’s Eye.

Serving fresh Howth lobster as a speciality along with succulent cuts of meat and game, any discerning palate will enjoy the choices of food available.  Wines are varied, your server will be more than happy to help you match the best wine with your chosen dish.

Pre or post your meal, you can then relax in the cosy bar of Aqua by the stove taking in the view over the marina and the always bustling West Pier.

A visit to Howth could never be complete without a stop at Aqua Restaurant, a warm welcome awaits with seriously good food in a room with a view